Tree Removal

Head4Heights Tree Surgery can carry out all types of tree removal work from technical rigging, straight felling and elevated platform work.

We are highly experienced and fully insured.  Whatever size tree it is, we can remove it for you and can even cut and stack the logs for your fireplace.

James holds a Lantra Tree Inspection Certificate and is ISA Certified

He carries out tree risk inspections and surveys as well as tree surgery

Take a look at our video Page, You'll find it very informative!

Can your tree be saved?  “Not all tree surgeons will tell you”

Tree surgeons love climbing trees, they love felling trees, it’s what they do so it is in their interest to tell you a tree needs to be removed, full removal is the most expensive thing tree surgeons do.

There are many factors which mean a tree needs to be removed.  However there are also many times it is possible to save your tree with remedial action.  This will be dependent on tree species, type and location of decay, if there is a fungus then the type and species of fungus, if and how the ground has changed around the tree and why, whether or not the ground gets water logged, the type of soil etc.

The video shows a large oak; it has a form of decay fungus which will cause structural weakness however by carrying out a crown reduction we reduced the wind sail effect considerably, preserving the tree for many years to come.  The inspection, and re-inspection in 5 years costs less than a full removal and the client has managed to keep his tree.

TPO Applications – we can help!

If your tree is in a conservation area or has a preservation order we are able to apply for works on your behalf.  We have an excellent relationship with the local council and have made many successful applications. After an initial consultation / quote we will make the application for you, send it to you for approval, make any changes or advise on why we think they shouldn’t be made. Then apply for the work and keep you updated on the process.

It takes 8 weeks from application to decision however so once the application has been verified by the council (they’ve received it and its on their system) it will be a while before you hear anything.